Burp Suite Tips and Tricks

Just released my first@Burp_Suite plugin. If you use multiple browsers through burp, check this out:aurainfosec/burp-multi-browser-highlightingHighlight Burp proxy requests made by different browsers - aurainfosec/burp-multi-browser-highlightinggithub.com

Automating Web Apps Input fuzzing via #Burp Macros http://blog.securelayer7.net/automating-web-apps-input-fuzzing-via-burp-macros/

Blog post: Turbo Intruder: Embracing the billion-request attackTurbo Intruder: Embracing the billion-request attack | PortSwigger Researchportswigger.net

Need to import multiple URL;s in to burp suite - https://twitter.com/search?q=parallell%20bugbountytip&src=typed_query

cat yahoourls.txt| parallel -j 10 curl --proxy -sk > /dev/null

D Ξ Ξ P Λ K ⚙️@1m4xx0·Oct 10, 2019One liner to import whole list of subdomains into Burp suite for automated scanning! cat <file-name> | parallel -j 200 curl -L -o /dev/null {} -x -k -s #bugbountytips #bugbounty #bugbountytip